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"TravelDriver" Defined

Private tour driver in Budapest, Hungary

One of our Exceptional TravelDrivers in Eastern Europe

A “TravelDriver” is an exceptional, high-quality, English-speaking private and personal driver-guide who is a “local” in your travel destination, and has, as his or her top priority, the goal of creating an amazing travel experience for you and your companions.


All our driver-guides are True “TravelDrivers” —  carefully vetted for safety and excellence, and curated for personality traits and general “ways of being” that are in alignment with our rigorous requirements and philosophy —  by our extremely selective Founder,  Janet Grey, who has extraordinarily high standards.  


A true TravelDriver serves many roles happily during your adventure, including those of chauffeur, tour guide, interpreter, security guard, companion, teacher and coach.

Our TravelDrivers are multi-faceted benevolent beings — they love seeing you smiling and happy -- having a fantastic time, and they look forward to sharing their knowledge, recommendations and insider secrets about their country with you.


This American driver is a long-time resident of Spain so she speaks both languages perfectly and really knows her stuff!

A TravelDriver has your best interests and happiness in mind and heart.

A TravelDriver always keeps your well-being and safety in mind.

A TravelDriver is honest and trustworthy.

A TravelDriver is responsive, listens to your requests and acts upon them.

A TravelDriver is communicative and keeps you informed to keep everything clear.

A TravelDriver is always with you or makes sure you know of his/her location.

A TravelDriver helps you and handles any issues or problems that might arise.

A TravelDriver everything you might need right there in the car, including bottled water, umbrellas, phone chargers, first-aid kit and specific items required by certain regions (such as sarongs in Bali).

Travel in comfort and safety, free from cares and worries, with TravelDrivers!


There are many different kinds of drivers worldwide, with many kinds of licenses.  The laws and requirements vary in each country. Some of the drivers, in Bali for example, just have a regular license and no insurance to cover passengers. We accept some of these drivers if they are experienced, have proven themselves to be excellent, and live up to our otherwise very stringent standards.  To reject them would be to miss out on so many extraordinary driver-guides.  However, other private drivers, in most European countries, for example, have required special licenses, registration and even insurance to cover passengers.  If you are concerned about this, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to express your requirements.  We are happy to listen and provide as much information as possible.  See, also, our note below about Travel Insurance, and please be sure to read our “Terms of use” carefully.  

Travel Insurance

We ALWAYS strongly recommend that all passengers take out their own travel insurance policies prior to their arrival. Often foreign policies will not provide the level of medical coverage that most travelers are accustomed to in their home countries, nor will your regular health insurance cover everything if you are from the USA.  This is too important to leave to chance.  Medical travel insurance is not expensive yet it’s SO helpful.  And coverage protecting your expenses should reimburse you in the event something unexpected either prevents your trip or cuts it short. There are also pre-existing condition waivers to be had.  Take care to enquire carefully and ask plenty of questions.  

We recommend Travel Guard.

Tour Driver and Guide in Ubud, Bali

Our "Spiritual Guide" Driver in Bali making arrangements for his clients' next activity while they enjoy the traditional local ceremony that he has surprised them with.

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