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Benefits of Using TravelDrivers

for your Vacation Transportation and Touring Needs

Private Driver and Guide, Rajasthan, India

Imagine experiencing the smoothest, most perfect and carefree vacation, feeling safe, secure and protected, with total and complete freedom to do whatever you want to do, in your own time, in your own way. 


Each day you are picked up, escorted and guided by an exceptional driver-guide — a TravelDriver — who shows up on time with a smile on his face in clean clothes with fresh breath in a sparkling, comfortable car with a full tank. 


This TravelDriver opens the car door for you and takes you to exactly the kinds of places you want to see, to do exactly the kinds of things that you want to do, and shows you unexpected magical things you could never imagine.  The driver makes sure you have an excellent lunch and patiently waits for you to finish, or happily joins you if you invite him or her to.  If you want to stop along the way for views or photos, this excellent driver-guide is happy to do so.  Should any issues or problems arise, they are handled quickly and efficiently, with patience and kindness. 


Your TravelDriver wants nothing more than your happiness and well-being and everything that he or she does demonstrates that desire.  Along with all that, this person is interesting, fun to be with and enjoys sharing knowledge about the region with you in a light, fun way.  You are making an authentic connection with a local and it adds so much depth and richness to the travel experience. 


Sounds impossible, right?  Perhaps too good to be true...  But it IS true and completely possible, with a true TravelDriver from


Here’s what travel with a true TravelDriver can provide for you:


  • You can experience a care-free ride instead of driving with all its related concerns such as rules of the road, having enough gas and parking.

  • You can see all the beautiful views fully rather than keeping eyes on the road.

  • You know that whatever might come up, it will be handled and, if it concerns you directly, you will have help.

  • You always know how you will get to where you want to go.   Leave the navigation to your TravelDriver.

  • You know that you, your family and your belongings are safe and protected.


  • You know that you are with someone who has been carefully vetted for honesty, safety and security.

  • You know that your TravelDriver is Trustworthy.

  • You know that any doubts you may have otherwise had in hiring a private driver have been anticipated and answered.

  • You know you will never be taken to a shop where you will be pressured to make a purchase you will later regret.

  • You know you are in GREAT hands - protected and taken care of.

  • You know your belongings are safe when you leave the car.

  • You know you are safe from scams such as those associated with rental cars in countries outside the US.


  • You are free to go where you want to go when you want to go and how you want to go.  

  • You are free from schedules, restrictions and obligations - your trip is completely flexible.  Take your time!

  • You can stop spontaneously if you want to, for photos, views and more.

  • You can take a turn down an interesting looking road or path or stop in a local village on the way if you so desire.

  • You are free to be with who you want to be with and free from spending the touring time with people you may not care to be around.  


  • You know that your happiness and well-being is your TravelDriver’s top priority.

  • You know that your TravelDriver will speak English and communicate well.

  • You know that your TravelDriver will always be patient, kind and helpful.

  • You always have water and many other needed essentials in the car.

  • You know that you are with someone who has been carefully curated for excellence in behavior and practices.

  • You know that there will be no unexpected and undesirable surprises.

  • You know that even such things as hygiene have been addressed, so that you need not fear having any related problems on the road with your TravelDriver.

  • You know that TravelDrivers will always make sure you know where they are when you are apart, so you never have to spend time searching for them.


  • This is a private and personalized experience. 

  • See what you want to see rather than what someone else is telling you you have to see.

  • Make specific requests and your TravelDriver will make it happen.

  • Express your general interests and your TravelDriver will treat you to related experiences. 

  • Your trip can be all about activities for kids or more for mature adults, depending on who’s with you and what you’d like to do.

  • If you like adventure, your TravelDriver will show you lots of it!  

  • If you’re a Foodie, your TravelDriver will guide you to the best places for locals and tourists alike.

  • Physically challenged clients will have their needs catered to with the right TravelDriver.

  • LGBTQ clients can rest assured their TravelDriver will be happy to meet them and take them to related places if they so desire.


  • You will see photos of and learn details about your TravelDriver before you ever get into the car.

  • Your questions about the TravelDriver will be answered before you finalize the booking.

  • You will not have to worry about unwanted surprises.

  • Your TravelDriver is a local who knows the area extremely well and can tell you about the history, culture and traditions.  

  • Your TravelDriver will show you insider secrets and special places off the beaten tourist track.

  • Your TravelDriver will help you to plan your trip if you are not sure about what you’d like to see and do.


  • You have a choice of TravelDrivers wherever we have multiple drivers.

  • You have the choice to accept or reject the TravelDriver if we only have one to offer.  We provide you with enough information to make an informed decision.

  • You will be matched with TravelDrivers who match your personal choices and requests such as: non-smoker, slow driver or LGBTQ friendly.

  • You can choose what you do and when you do it.  

  • You can choose not to go to certain places, even if most tourists do go there.

  • You can choose to take your time rather than rush from one place to another.


  • You know your TravelDriver has been carefully vetted and curated by TravelDrivers Founder, Janet Grey.

  • You know that your TravelDriver has been instructed and informed regarding the strict requirements for their behavior while driving you.

  • You know you are with an experienced professional private driver* who is well-versed in all that can possibly happen and knows how to handle each situation with aplomb.

  • You know that your TravelDriver has your safety, well-being and excellent travel experience (Fun!) as their #1 goal and priority.


  • With a Traveldriver, you are paying for the car and driver, and can bring as many people with you as will fit in the car (to be determined at booking - larger cars will not be available on site).  

  • Avoid the higher costs of per-person tours.

  • Maximize your experience by saving precious time.  A TravelDriver knows the backroads to avoid traffic where possible.

  • Per day costs with a TravelDriver directly through are often much less than those incurred when booking elsewhere, especially through a hotel.

*Exceptions are in Morocco and Turkey, where Janet Grey’s personal drivers have agreed to drive her clients.  Though they are not always working as professional drivers, they have spent weeks with Janet and been trained personally by her to be exceptional driver-guides and were the inspiration for TravelDrivers.  They are therefore worthy of being considered and engaged as true TravelDrivers. 

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