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Our Philosophy:  

A Happy Collaboration 

TravelDrivers is about making the world a better place through increased accessibility to travel for anyone and everyone, while contributing to global cultural understanding and appreciation through authentic connections. Our mission is to help our passenger clients to have vacations that are easy, smooth and carefree, allowing them to have the maximum amount of freedom, with a driver-guide who authentically cares about them, their experience and... their Happiness!

We hope that our participants, both TravelDrivers and Passengers, will strive toward the following attitudes,  behaviors and values, even when things do not go as planned (which should be expected to happen when traveling in general):

  • Lead from the HEART

  • Keep KINDNESS in mind


  • Practice PATIENCE



  • LISTEN Intently

  • Cultivate CURIOSITY

  • Activate ACCEPTANCE

  • Radiate RESPECT for all people, places & things 

  • Live in INTEGRITY

  • Promote GENEROSITY by sharing your thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams!

We want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, both the TravelDriver and passenger(s). We ask that everyone along on the journey act from the heart, from a place of kindness. We encourage an open dialogue and very clear communication among drivers and passengers. The only unfortunate question is the unasked one. In this way, we reduce the possibility of disappointment, misrepresentation and unfulfilled expectations.

We strive for complete and total comfort for everyone! We count on the honesty and integrity of each and every one of you, drivers and passengers, to make this work in the best possible way, for all of us. This is a collaborative "effort" that will, in best circumstances, when everyone is fulfilling their part and coming from the heart, truly feel "effort"-less!

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