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Spiritual Guide

  • Husband and Father

  • Non-smoker

  • Good English

  • Professional Driver for 15 years

  • Lives in Ubud area

  • Founder, Janet Grey’s personal TravelDriver

  • Will guide you through your spiritual journey in Bali.

  • A very kind and gentle soul.

  • Soft spoken but extremely fun.

  • Knows many healers and all the best places for purification.  

  • Has helped people from all over the world by introducing them to his healing network.

  • Serious about meditation and loves to share his practice with clients.

  • Knows all about domesticated birds, gemstones (ask to see his collection) and so many other things.

  • Knows interesting non-touristy places to shop (the best!), snorkel, and witness extraordinarily gorgeous rituals like the return of the fishermen in their multi-colored boats in Western Bali.

  • Enjoys bringing clients to ceremonies in temples and often finds out about cremations and other elaborate traditional events that he can introduce to his passengers.

What I loved:

I have spent a lot of time with this Spiritual Guide TravelDriver.   He has been my own private Driver in Bali for many years now, and has taken extremely good care of me.  Every day with him is an incredible and beautiful adventure. He is so easy to talk to and fun, and the beauty of his heart is instantly apparent when you meet him. He has taken me to places and events all over Bali where I was the ONLY tourist and only photographer.  Experiences like that are truly priceless. I know ALL of our TravelDrivers can facilitate such adventures, but this particular one has really gone out of his way to make them possible for me on many occasions. Although he really loves providing spiritual guidance, and does so with so many clients that’s not at all what he represents for me.  I say this to stress how versatile he is and how he has so much to offer, really to anyone and everyone.

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