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Safe and Reliable Private Drivers for Your Travels Abroad

Private Driver and Personal Tour Guide in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Never wait for a ride again! 

  • Know you’re with a reliable and trustworthy carefully-vetted professional. 

  • Experience total freedom to go where you want when you want to go there. 

  • Discover all the best places, including hidden “insider secrets”. 

  • Avoid the hassles of rental scams and complicated/unfamiliar road rules. 

  • Feel and know you're accompanied and protected (Covid safe, too!). 

  • Never worry about petrol or parking.

  • Communicate with ease in your language.

  • Stop when you want - never miss a photo or bathroom opportunity.

  • Plan your trip or leave the decisions to your knowledgeable driver.

  • No worries, no schedules, no limitations.  Sit back and enjoy the ride!

 Take the scenic route...  with TravelDrivers!

Travel is the Only Thing You Buy

That Makes You Richer


 Travel is an investment in your well-being

-- Janet Grey, Founder of TravelDrivers 

Our Clients Are Enjoying the Ride!

Every time I got in that car, I had an amazing adventure.

G. Schwartz

He got us to all the destinations I requested in the time allotted by our cruise ship! I loved him so much…

K. Roshay

A private driver/guide makes the experience so much more rich, and it feels like one is seeing the country like a local, rather than a tourist.

S. Lande

Our experience made for wonderful memories. The best Instagram Feed in real time.

C. Clausen

I have been an Australian travel agent for 30+ years and it is a refreshing rarity to receive such personal attention to detail.

Shelley D.

Our driver/guide managed to turn a rainy day into a day filled with light, knowledge, interesting stories and laughter.

Ilana D.

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