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Find Your Dream Driver-Guide

Available Now in over 30 Countries outside the USA!


TravelDrivers are...

Honest & Trustworthy Private Drivers for Your Travels Abroad

  • TravelDrivers Are High-Quality Professional Drivers Who Also Serve as Guides 

  • TravelDrivers Are Also Your Companions, Security Guards and Interpreters  

  • TravelDrivers Are Carefully Selected Through a Strict Qualification Process

  • TravelDrivers Are Vetted and Curated for Safety, Security and Excellence

  • TravelDrivers All Speak Very Good to Excellent English

  • TravelDrivers Are Chosen by You Before You Book your Trip

  • TravelDrivers Provide Total Freedom - from Cares, Schedules, and Limitations 

 Take the scenic route...  with TravelDrivers!

Travel is the Only Thing You Buy

That Makes You Richer

About TravelDrivers

As an avid solo female traveler in her fifties, Founder, Janet Grey, has used private driver-guides for decades to facilitate her global adventures, and has learned the hard way that the quality and qualities of the driver can make or break a travel experience.  Why leave it up to chance?

 TravelDrivers is the place to find an exceptional driver-guide - a true "TravelDriver" - to enhance your international adventures outside the U.S. Our TravelDrivers provide a carefree experience focused on your own personal needs and desires, and on helping you to create memories that will last a lifetime -- all while ensuring your safety and well-being.  With TravelDrivers, finding these extraordinary people is no longer a "needle in a haystack" experience.

We do the work for you so you can just relax!

And with the right driver, a TravelDriver, 
everything is possible!

Find more of Janet’s story here.


We proudly present our new TravelDrivers in
Spain, Portugal and Morocco!

Travel can humanize our world. 

Go out of your comfort zone… Come home with an inclination to build bridges rather than building walls… The essence of good travel is people.  You meet people you wouldn’t meet otherwise… When you’re traveling, find a way to meet people.  It really makes the whole experience more vivid.  

-- Rick Steves


Now choose from 16 driver-guides in BALI!

TravelDrivers Founder, Janet Grey, has personally selected and vetted each and every one of these, and all our exceptional driver-guides, to ensure they are all TRUE TravelDrivers.

Happy Travelers Say It Best!

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